The Who, What and Why of Relationships

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Why Won’t He Open Up to Me?

We all grow up in different environments with different standards for how to communicate. Yet, we often expect others to understand ...
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Mental Health in the First Year of Marriage

The Torah (Devarim 24:5) teaches that the first year of marriage should be a period of special joy. It relays that ...
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The Four Sons: What’s The Deal With The Rasha?

The pesach seder is often looked at as a model for how we should educate our children. We use experiential models ...
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Has the Dating Process been Compromised?

As a psychotherapist, marriage counselor, mother and community member, I am acutely aware of the problems confronting singles in their ...
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Stepparenting: A Challenge and An Opportunity

Stepfamilies are not uncommon. They sometimes work out well, but at other times can be disastrous. Whether Stepfamilies are created ...
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How to make your spouse your BFF

Happily ever after During their engagement, Malka and Avi felt a bond and ease with one another. Under the chuppah, ...
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